Accident Location’s advanced technology can capture Live Video and collect data of a crash scene and the vehicles involved. We can also record the facts of a collision in as much detail as possible while documenting the crash scene. Our technology will take an array of images and videos of an accident's precise location, these images include photos and video of damaged vehicles and injured victim(s); With our same day footage, the integrity of the accident scene will be preserved.

Our Drones and advanced technology take three times as many images as necessary. We also take shots from multiple angles and locations of the collision, so we can store the most accurate information possible. The aerial images capture skid marks and “impending skid marks.” During the breaking process, the tire begins to leave an imprint on the roadway before skidding, these marks are impending skid marks and can fade away within days after a collision, making it imperative that they are captured on the day of the accident. With our aerial imagery, we can provide the greatest precision.