The Importance of Satellite Imagery and Drone Photos From The Scene Of An Accident

Advanced Road Condition Finder

Satellite imagery provides datasets & road conditions at the time of the Accident; while Location coordinates are essential to any investigation and reconstruction of the accident scene.

Accident Contributing Factors

Drone Photos from the scene of an accident can show proof of the cause of the accident, what contributing factors may have had a role in the accident, and the extent of damages that victims suffered as a direct result of the impact of the collision.

Satellite Imagery and Drone Photographs

Satellite Imagery and Drone Photos are important evidence when defending insurance claims; imagery and photos of the accident presented as evidence can substantiate injuries and the fault of the other party. Precision and Accuracy key to any court case.

Importance of Drone Photography

Drone photos can show injuries, property damage, vehicle damage, and details that may prove to be relevant to an insurance claim, such as posted traffic signs and who was present at the scene. Also, memory is notoriously unreliable; photos of the accident scene can provide details that one may have forgotten.